Friday, September 25, 2009

On Radio New Zealand

Readers in New Zealand can catch me on Radio New Zealand's "Saturday Morning with Kim Hill" from 8:15am on — you guessed it — Saturday morning in New Zealand. Oddly enough, I will be followed not long thereafter by British author Nick Hornby.


Anonymous said...

My wife is in NZ on holiday with her mother...say hello to Ikuyo, from her mad english husband.

soma said...

Link to the replay is up on the same site linked - good job. I got a good laugh out of Kim describing the election as historic, along with some other people and myself we complained to media outlets in NZ that they had let down the ball by barely mentioning the election....RNZ which is actually usually a good source of news and debate in NZ even described in terms of a new Prime Minister taking over at the end of the news hour.....for one of our top trading partners the lack of concern was very disappointing - probably reflected in how disinterested Kim herself was in asking the questions - professionally but without her usual punchiness.

Anyway, good job.