Monday, August 31, 2009

Discussing the DPJ's administrative plans on CNBC

Bright and early this morning, I somehow managed to speak coherently (I think?) about the DPJ's plans for the government.


Anonymous said...

Good appearance, though I would have liked to hear a little about what role the minor parties might play, if any.

Anonymous said...

I was glad to hear you believe that the DPJ cabinet will have more real power in the government than was the case for the LDP and that Hatoyama will not try to dominate and bully the cabinet as Koizumi did or as Tony Blair did in the UK. Your mention of the role of the LDP Policy Reasearch Council and other party machinery in limiting the authority of the cabinet suggests that because of the long rule of the LDP, the various accretions that accumulated within the party apparatus became too much of a burden for effective governance. Some party structures in other countries often made sweeping cleanups of their party organization for this reason at various times.