Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Observing Japan turns two

I know that I've written far less frequently in recent weeks — as I expected when I started my graduate studies — but I thought I should mention that today marks the second anniversary since I began writing Observing Japan.

It's been quite a year: one prime minister out, another in; divided government; an interrupted reshuffling mission; vacant BOJ presidency; and plenty that I'm forgetting.

I cannot even begin to describe what I've gotten from blogging, so all I will do is thank all of you for your readership, your emails, and your comments. Thanks for bearing with me even as my posts have become less frequent.


mike thies said...

Congratulations, Tobias!

Z said...

Thanks a lot for giving us excellent informations on the political life in japan.

You're invaluable source of information for me. said...

Thank you for writing!

Andrew Oplas said...

Thanks and congratulations for keeping up with this rare gift, a site that is very close to an inside scoop on Japanese policy and politics!

I suspect more people will begin to pay attention.