Wednesday, April 9, 2008

First TV appearance

For those interested in seeing my first ever TV appearance, the video is available at CNBC's website, here.


Toranosuke V said...

Congrats on that. I'm glad they posted up the segment - I realized this morning as I watched Nikkei CNBC that it was not the proper network/channel, and that your bit was not going to come up. Strangely, they had a screen in the background, showing the CNBC Asia broadcast, and I could see you, there, in the background, as the Japanese anchor droned on about rises and falls in stocks or whatever.

Anyway, an excellent job, and congrats again on your first TV appearance.


Hisanori Saito said...

I watched CNBC.I agree with you.

Andrew Oplas said...

well done... and amusing -
interesting to hear from someone who knows what he's talking about (you) while trying to tolerate the broadcasters who have mastered the art of pretending to know what they are talking about (CNBC)...

Andrew Oplas