Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Caption contest! (2008 edition)

The following picture from the Sankei Shimbun begs for funny captions.

Post your suggestions in the comments.


MTC said...

"Oh Mori-san, ignore him. He blew up into a million pieces and didn't even get close. And don't worry about Fukuda either. They'll dump him for me before he gets anywhere near the 'Most Unpopular Prime Minister in History' level. So relax, your record's safe."

M-Bone said...

Abe is thinking "I hope my wife doesn't get drunk and fall down the stairs again."

Aso is saying "Look dammit, Koizumi used to wear stylish ties like this, why can't I be PM too!?"

Mori is saying "But Japan is the Land of the Gods!"

Martin J Frid said...

Aso: "Hmm, sorry but that's my foot you are standing on."

Mori: "What, me worry? Still standing!"

Abe: "Standing, worrying, glad my belly isn't acting up as I'm sure Fukuda wishes he could puke all over..."

Secretary: "HEY, ccan't we all just get along...?"

Anonymous said...

Aso to Mori as Abe looks on.

"So how are the experiments coming along? Have you managed to fix the side effects of the blue pill yet? We need to get back down that rabbithole asap."

Janne Morén said...

- You know, Aso, this Prime Minister robot just isn't working out; it's way too erratic. Call Sony, have it recalled. We'll disguise it as a hospital visit or something.

D. said...

But Mori-san, I can't lend him my newest manga. The last time I did, he suddenly dropped everything he was doing and ran to the bathroom. I got my comic back with half the pages missing and some sort of mumbled apology about there not being enough paper in the toilet.