Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Observing Japan in J@pan Inc.

The November-December issue of J@pan Inc. magazine includes an article by me on why the DPJ's Upper House election might not have been such a great thing after all.

It went to press before changes could be made to reflect the Ozawa follies earlier this month (thankfully Mr. Ozawa returned to the helm), but otherwise I think it is still relevant when it comes to the current political situation, perhaps more so now.

As always, your comments are appreciated.

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Andrew Oplas said...

Excellent analysis in Japan Inc.

I think the bizarre shenanigans of last week pretty much nailed the coffin on Ozawa's hopes of taking DPJ to majority status under his leadership.

Of course, as you have observed, even in the worst of conditions, DPJ will remain a majority party in Upper House for a long time to come. So they are a force.

It is hard to overemphasize the ability of the LDP to remake itself with its amoeba-like qualities... and sometimes hard to fathom the Japanese electorate's tolerance of these qualities.