Thursday, August 9, 2007

Ozawa attacks Abe — Mori does not disagree

Jiji reports on a meeting of members of the House of Representatives who have been elected thirteen times. The group? Ozawa, former Prime Minister Mori, Kokumin Shinto member Watanuki Tamisuke, former Prime Minister Hata Tsutomu, and DPJ member Watanabe Kozo.

Ozawa, not surprisingly, criticized the prime minister's inaction and lack of common sense; Mori, it seems, did not publicly disagree with Ozawa, noting the prime minister's lack of political experience. He also speculated on Abe's successor, floating the names of Fukuda, Tanigaki, and Aso and admitted that he doesn't know whether the coming cabinet reshuffle will succeed in rallying support for the Abe government and the LDP.

As others have mentioned, Mori is the man to watch when it comes to considering the future of the Abe premiership — and if he is unwilling to defend the prime minister from Ozawa, one has to imagine that Mori's patience with Mr. Abe is extremely short. (It must be, considering that he tried to push the prime minister out on election night.)

Just another sign of the sword of Damocles dangling over the prime minister's head...

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