Monday, January 22, 2007

Soy it ain't so

And now for some serious news...

In early January natto -- a uniquely Japanese soybean dish about which no Japanese is neutral -- was hailed on a Japanese variety show as being able to reduce a person's weight by two-three kilograms in two or three weeks if eaten twice a day. It turns out, however, that the magical weight loss properties of natto were more than slightly exaggerated.

Richard Lloyd Parry on The Times (of London, for my fellow Americans) is all over the story surrounding false reports about the natto diet. (Check out Parry's posts on the subject -- full of puns as awful as natto is said to smell -- here, here, and here.)

For my part, I love natto. My preferred way of preparing it is in fried rice, but I also like it on toast with mustard and a slice of cheese melted on top. I'm not quite sure how I will feed my addiction once I return home.

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